Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue always knows of more Dals that need help than they can help due to limited foster homes and dollars. Many of the Dals that are taken into WHDR have not been well cared for, most are not spayed or neutered, and some are just sick, even heartworm positive. In some shelters that is reason enough to put them to sleep, but not at WHDR. We have had many people ask how they can help, of course fostering a homeless Dal is a much needed way but many people simply can't. So we have created this "spot" to show some of the Dals that really need help. Now you can sponsor a Dal in a foster home, kennel or shelter. A donation of $20 or more goes a long way towards paying for daily care of a Dalmatian waiting for a permanent home. You will be identified on the dog's page as the sponsor, and receive updates on the dog when it finds a new home. To become a sponsor, select the dog you are interested in from the Available Dogs, and then contact dalmatianrescue@comcast.net for more information. You won't find all of our available Dals on this list just the ones that needed a lot of TLC and have large vet and/or boarding bills. We could not continue to save the number of Dals that we do with out your help. Thank YOU!

Dalmatians Needing Sponsorship